Psalm for the week: Lord Have Mercy as David Prays for Survival

Psalms Chapter 5: A Deep and Intimate Prayer for Survival

Today, we will look at Psalms Chapter 5, where David makes a deep and intimate prayer to God for survival. When I read the Chapter again this morning, to prepare for the blog, all I could say was, “Lord have mercy!” The enemy is in deep trouble if this is a blueprint of prayers we make to God when we are in trouble. “Satan, you are in hot soup! Literally! Wait, it’s coming for you. The Lake of Fire will burn you up! And I can see why.”

November is proving to be an interesting month in the spiritual sense. Cathy, my wife, has just introduced a new model that helps one to read Psalms within 30 days. It’s a simple yet an effective method, that I keep on wondering why I was not able to use it all along. But as they say, knowledge is power. And having covered most of Psalms already, today’s Psalm has gained a new meaning.

I invite you to read the whole chapter yourself. It only has 12 verses, therefore, it will not take any of your time to enjoy it. You will see that every verse is a masterpiece. The whole chapter covers a Christian life when faced with daily challenges.

But here’s a little background first.

David is a Mighty Warrior

As we have previously covered, David is a mighty warrior king. He knows that in order to gain peace, you must fight. Fight and fight, until the enemy has been vanquished. Well, for me, war is foreign, for I come from a tiny peaceful country that has never been at war. The mere fought of war sends pangs of trepidation up my spine. Nowadays, when we talk of war, it is in the context of beating deadlines, going for new business, protecting existing business deals and so on.

Not in the case of David. War meant physical contact from faces bent on killing you. War meant engaging an enemy that wanted to obliterate your presence. Usually, war meant either the enemy survives or you do, but not both. The outcome required only one preferred state – that is, a victory over the enemy.

It is, therefore, not surprising that David turns to God for survival with such a passionate plea for God’s intervention. The enemy, must and should be vapourised by the mighty Hand of the Lord, and God’s children, must and will be completely shielded away from the vicious attacks of the enemy.

A Call for Celestial Help

A Call for Celestial Help

The wicked enemy is foolish

And for purposes of involving God in the plan to defeat the enemy, David gives distinct features that describe the enemy well. The wicked enemy is evil. The enemy has no faithfulness in his mouth. The enemy lies, though he comes in a sweet manner. Do not trust him. Rather, destroy the enemy.

Surprisingly, the enemy is also foolish. This shows that despite the enemy being fierce, he has a major weakness he cannot overcome – he’s not wise. On being fierce, well, how else would David want to involve God if it is not to deal with a powerful contender? The enemy has rebelled against God, and against the children of God.

Now, that we have put a tag on the enemy let’s bring it to the present day.

Lord Jesus, the Warrior King

We know David spoke under inspiration. This has been repeatedly pointed out in the New Testament. When he spoke about his kingdom, he was in actual fact prophesying about the ministry that Christ would have many years later. And I can’t help but think what this Psalms meant for Jesus.

Our humble Shepherd King is the best mighty warrior ever to walk on earth. Though He came as a Lamb to be sacrificed on the Cross, there are many verses that speak of Him as the Ultimate Conqueror! To begin with, he single-handedly dealt with the great weapon that the enemy had – death. He also smashed to pieces the wicked vices that sin brought to humanity. He thoroughly purged our sins, and declared the devil impotent. “Oh devil, you have it coming!”

Pray to Jesus for Survival

Therefore, Psalms Chapter 5 is our ultimate call on Jesus for survival. I hope you don’t use it to deal with your unpleasant neighbour or difficult boss. Please, don’t use it for that elusive debtor who doesn’t want to pay back what he owes you. I’d rather use it like David, who focussed on the big issues of his kingdom, and invoked divine intervention from above.

Since this prayer is more powerful than the biggest hydrogen bomb in the world, do direct it to the spiritual enemy who is behind all the strife and wars we face in life. The prayer should go to the one who makes us sick. This spiritual weapon must go to the devil who spares no one from sinning before God.  This powerful prayer is a well deserved response from the children of God when in distress.

I only hope we will not use it on a fellow human, as David was forced when wars in his days meant physical contact with wicked men bent on destroying his kingdom. Dear Lord, help us survive this life.

Lord have mercy!

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