Reflections on my Birthday

Yesterday, I was celebrating my birthday. I share the day with my third born son, Kuwala Orion. As I turned 42, he was hitting his first 4. I found the contrast intriguing – I could not remember how I felt at his age but he was all bubbly and excited with gifts and the birthday cake. However, I could definitely bask in silent reflections as the day’s actions grew quiet.

It seems like these days there is less I know, thanks to the huge explosion of knowledge generation, yet I’m much more sure-footed. It’s no longer important to be seen to be a genius, rather I enjoy being able to offer solutions from the existing pool of knowledge. Of course, learning will never stop, so whatever can be absorbed along the way, gets applied as life continues its trek across the plane of existence.

There’s nothing more disturbing that beholding a picture that doesn’t logically resolve into an acceptable perception. For instance, having a cow picking grass on top of a tree is not my cup of tea. And of late, I find most situations just in this juxtaposition. To think, I’m now able to plod on without losing my mind, is both enjoyable and certainly a gift from Above.

My forte has always been reasoning powers, which over time has been greatly challenged by moments bigger and more complex than my abilities. Continuing on this trajectory would have brought misery and self doubt. Fortunately, I have silently shifted my base to faith. That strange feeling, that seem to tap more from elusive intuition rather than solid logic is now a trusted friend in situations that would have caused a meltdown.

What I find most amusing is that now, there’s less physical strength in my body but I’m able to do much more within each annual circle. So Less is More? Otherwise, how could I explain that last year I was able to spend a night on Sapitwa Peak, and managed to complete a half-marathon? I certainly like where things are heading.

As I clocked 42, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s in store for me this year? And what great things will the little and supple Kuwala, my son, be able to achieve in the years to come? It’s surely a pleasure growing up, and growing old.

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  • Chifundo

    12 March 2019 at 22:17

    Very Profound KK, it's surely a Pleasure and exciting growing old.

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