Read It Again: I am the way, the truth and the life

Not a bad spot for a walk with God.

Not a bad spot for a walk with God.

The Bible contains some of the greatest stories ever recorded in human history. One such story is the narration of Abraham having a physical and visible visitation from God. It happened on this wise. One hot afternoon, Abraham was enjoying the shade under a big tree in his compound. He saw three men approach his tent and it looked like they were going to go past his home. He ran quickly to them and addressed to one of them as Lord. He asked them to stop by his house for refreshments. In the course of their fellowship, the Lord revealed His plan for Sodom, the metropolitan city for that day. He also told Abraham about the promised son who was just a year away.

Then there is the story of Jacob who wrestled with an Angel for the whole night before getting his blessings from above. Not much talk was recorded for our benefit but I do not think the overnight tussle was muted. There must have been some exchange worth transforming a life and name from Jacob to Israel. Talk about having an animated talk!

Hundreds of years pass by. Then Moses appears on the scene. He gets to see the Pillar of Fire in action at the burning bush. He gets to talk to God directly. Not in a dream. Not in a vision. But in the same way you and I talk to our family and friends. And these are not just one-liners. No. It is a comprehensive conversation. And part of the recorded conversation shows that the issues being tackled were wide ranging from strategic planning to destroy the biggest gentile kingdom of that day in order to free people that were in bondage to curing fear and unbelief engulfing the heart of Moses.

Which takes me to my thought for today. Have you ever had a priviledge to talk to someone who has discovered something big in our times? Or talking to someone who has accomplished a great achievement? It is always very refreshing. I have had such a privilege and one thing is for sure. Great achievers do not like idle talk. Every conversation has to be worth the time and attention it deserves.

So what about having a conversation with God? I mean not just praying to God or worshipping God, but having a direct talk with God? Wouldn’t that be the greatest achievement of all time? Just imagine the impact that talk would have on your life.

Some 2000 years ago, the disciples were walking and talking to the Son of God. The book of John says He said He was the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). He did not say He knew the Truth. That goes without saying. And He did not say that He knew the way, which would be impressive in itself. And He did not say He would take them to life, or show them the way to Life, which He did. But He said He was the actual Truth. This is beyond someone who has discovered something, say, atoms. To discover something, it means it was there to begin with. This is not inventing something, which in our times relies on using preexisting material or medium. This is the same as saying I am the maker of atoms, or the electromagnetic spectrum. I am the designer of the mountains, the soil, the air, and you.

So read it again. Who knew the Truth was a person? And who knew the way and Life were a person? Not three people, no. Just a single person. Did the disciples know they were talking to God? Or they all thought they were talking to The Son of Man, as Jesus liked to call Himself? Who can ever say I am the Truth but God?  Oh! What I would give to have a conversation with Him. I would want to know how He created the world. How He designed it. I would want to know how big the universe is. (I also want to visit every corner of the visible universe – like, literally. To climb mountains on Mars, or get to the cold deserts of Pluto, now that’s an adventure worth its name. But shhh! Don’t tell anyone. They might think I have lost it. This is my secret longing.).

But first things first. Get saved first. Submit to His current program. Then everything else will follow. Just like Abraham, Jacob and Moses, God’s conversation has a transforming power. He wants to bring out something out of us that will make us achieve our widest dreams. Of all promises in the Bible, I want the most to walk with Him and have a long conversation with God. But I can wait. After all, we have the whole eternity ahead. What’s the rush?

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