Read it again: I am Alpha and Omega

Kilimanjaro, the alpha and omega of all mountains in Africa. Just as an example of that expression.

Kilimanjaro, the alpha and omega of all mountains in Africa. Just as an example of that expression.

Here comes our weekly reflection on the Word of God. As stated before the Bible contains Scriptures that act like seed. Once planted in our hearts, as we meditate on the meaning of these wonderful words, something changes within us.

One such Scripture is found in the Book of Revelation, my personal favourite, where our Lord Jesus Christ declared Himself, more than once that He is the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8; Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:13). He says it three times, in case you missed it. Those are greek characters standing for the first letter of the alphabet and the last letter. In other words, He is saying He is the Beginning and He is the end. He is everything.

What exactly does that mean? He is not saying He knows the Beginning and He knows the End, which He does. But He is the Beginning itself. And He is the End. That is one outstanding statement to make.

What if there was a mountain that was the alpha and omega? (Notice the use of small letters in this case.) Wouldn’t it have it all? Couldn’t we say Kilimanjaro is the alpha and omega of Africa? Standing at 5,895 metres above the mean sea level, it sure is the alpha being the largest and and omega, being the tallest mountain in Africa. It has it all. Everest Mountain dwarfs Kilimanjaro by over 2,000 m so it could claim to be the alpha and omega of all the mountains on land. The New Jerusalem lands on the mightiest mountain ever. That will be bigger and taller than mount Everest. It will claim rulership over the other mountains. You get the idea?

So read it again.

  1. Is He King of Kings? (Revelation 19:16) Yes, He is.
  2. Has He conquered death and defeated the devil? (Revelation 1:18) Sure.
  3. Is He the High Priest over the Living Oracles of God? (Hebrews 10:21) Oh yes.
  4. Is He the Prophet of the prophets? In other words, is He the Living Word itself, the Son of Man? (Revelation 1:1; John 1:1 – 3, 14). A big resounding yes.
  5. Is He Omniscient? Meaning He knows all things? Of course. How could the Eternal One not know? He spans Eternity mind you.
  6. Is He Omnipresent? Meaning He is everywhere? Knowing everything, He really is everywhere for He hears our prayers from any corner of the world.
  7. Is He Omnipotent? Meaning He is all powerful? What do you think? Who can defeat Him when He conquered death itself?
  8. He is above all. He is mighty. He is the Best of the Best. He is the Chief of the Chiefest. He is above Heaven and bigger than the universe.

My heart is filled with joy just to think of our Lord Jesus in this way. Now, I bow my knee and worship Him as the Alpha and Omega. So what are you afraid of? If He calls you a son or daughter, and reigns in your heart, you can overcome anything through His precious Name. Does the Scripture say “I can do ALL things through Christ, who (which) strengthens me?” For He is truly the Beginning and End of everything.


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  • Cathy

    7 February 2018 at 23:33

    He is the Alpha and Omega... Amen

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