Read it again: Give us this day our daily bread

Bro. Blessings Nanguwo on Michiru Mountain to ask for Daily Bread.

Bro. Blessings Nanguwo on Michiru Mountain to ask for Daily Bread.

One of my favourite Scriptures in the Bible is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples. I have been told that perhaps there is no better prayer than this. It encompasses everything, it is on point, and being condensed, it is able to be expanded in any manner of possible variations.

I have been studying it for the last three years, and came to the realisation that I was not reading it correctly. Especially where it said “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11). Since we attribute all the creation we see to God, and Jesus being the Son of God, He knew that God never created bread. He created wheat instead, which is used to make bread. So why didn’t our Lord ask us to pray for wheat?

In order to have daily bread, you must have wheat for that day. And in order to have wheat in abundance, you must have grown it in its season(s). So the question is what should you have done prior to getting your daily bread? What does your daily bread constitute? Our Heavenly Father must, of needs, provide that essential ingredient in its season. Otherwise, no wheat no bread. No wheat in its due season, no daily bread.

And of late, I have also been thinking that Jesus was inviting us to Himself as Our Sacrifice. He had to be crucified in order to become Bread to us. Let us pray to consume Him (His Word) on daily basis, as we seek provision of whatever is our daily bread. So next time you are up on your favourite mountain praying, just know that in order for you to have that daily prayer, it is simply because He had already arranged, billions of years ago, the atoms, that combined with other atoms, to form molecules that formed into chemical compounds. These became rocks and soil and trees and grass, and everything that makes it possible to say that prayer, while enjoying the cool breeze around you. Asking for daily bread simplifies a complex process behind the scene, and makes you appreciate the power of simplicity of child-like faith.

So read it again.

Prepping on Michiru Mountain to ask for Daily Bread.

Prepping on Michiru Mountain to ask for Daily Bread.

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