Read it again: bodily exercise profiteth little

Paul in the first book of Timothy admonishes the young preacher on things he must incorporate in his ministry. One of them was encouraging Timothy to focus on exercising unto godliness. “For the bodily exercise profiteth little:”, he says. (1 Timothy 4:8)

Bodily exercise profiteth little.

This seems to discourage Timothy from taking physical exercise. But read it again. Paul is not saying workouts lead to a loss. No, on the contrary it is profitable. However, when that profit is compared against spiritual godliness, the latter offers benefit in this world and the world to come.

When you consider the levels of profitability mentioned in the Bible, you have the increase recorded as 5 fold or ten fold. That is something like 500% and 1,000% in modern terms. That is a huge profit. So it is easy to see that a little profit is not a near zero phenomenon.

So read it again. And start to exercise today. Of course, do not forget to include the exceedingly more profitable workout: exercising unto godliness.

Physical exercise is profitable.

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