One Special Mountain on my Mind on this Christmas

The Holy Bible contains some of the most beautiful passages ever handed down to mankind. But to a hiker, nothing can compare to a special mountain that is mentioned in the last book of the New Testament. John, when he is about to close his series of visions as recorded in the book of Revelation, mentions about a great transformation that will take place in the world.

He sees a new earth and a new heaven. Everything we know is gone including the oceans. And that new landmass gives way to a huge and high mountain. Since everything is new, this mountain will have a new name which has not been shared with us yet. It will be a sight to behold. In fact, to get there John had to be carried in the Spirit. This is beyond the usual restrictions of high mountains that challenge our breathing and capacity to keep warm. On this mountain, you need to be covered (anointed) by the right type of Spirit.

Life on the mountain

Life on the mountain

Now, there is nothing as special like reaching the summit of any mountain. But in the present world the summit is often marked by a pillar or something to mark the topographic prominence of the highest peak for that particular mountain. When you get there, the bareness and often barrenness of the landscape does not matter. What matters is that you have reached the top albeit for a very brief period, and the euphoric feeling that comes from it.

In this case, the summit of this big and high mountain has been prepared to host the largest city ever recorded across all civilizations. The city is called New Jerusalem or the Holy Jerusalem, and it is described as the City of God. It belongs to God and not to man. And its dimensions are simply out of this world – literally. It is foursquare at the base, meaning it has the shape of a square at the bottom, with each of the four sides being about 2,000 kilometers long. That is approximately a continuous city whose one side would be the distance from Johannesburg in South Africa to somewhere in Blantyre, Malawi.

But the wonder does not stop there. Its height is equally impressive, measuring at 2,000 km long. That is going plum into space using the current size of the earth. You need to be special to be in that city. Now do not forget that this super amazing piece of architecture is resting on a mountain. So how big will this mountain be?

Fresh water from the mountain

Fresh water from the mountain

As a hiker, after hours of trekking there is nothing like the soothing effect of cool water coming from some springs high up in the mountain. In this case, the privilege has been magnified. The city on top of the mountain will offer a fountain of the water of life freely, shared to those that are athirst, which is the same as saying those that are thirsty. Now, nothing could beat that.

However, there is one big problem. The city does not accept tourists. Only a certain group with specific qualities will be allowed entrance. Which is where Christmas is coming in. The birth of the Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ was the beginning of His mission to prepare us for this great place. He had to be born in a manger just like a lamb, so that 33 years later He could be sacrificed on the cross at Calvary as a sacrificial animal. That special death and the resurrection that followed allowed the release of the Spirit that carried John to that mountain. John, in that state witnessed the descending of a prefabricated city whose dimensions defy the best of this world with its advances in Science and Technology. John had the best summit ever experienced by any human since the world began.

I want to be there. I want to be part of the New Jerusalem. I want to worship and praise God from the top of this special mountain. I want to summit unto the City of God. With Christmas on my mind, I thank God that a way has been made to those that shall inherit all things. See you at the summit.

Praising and worshiping God from the top of a mountain

Praising and worshiping God from the top of a mountain

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