New Year Resolutions are Good, but Renewing Yourself in the Lord is Much Better

Here we are once again, right at the end of the year. And it is the best time to take stock of what we have achieved in the year, and also to review on what we failed to accomplish. The former is not to provide a moment to gloat, for all glory belongs to God. And the latter is not to wallow in self-pity because failure is a good teacher to learn from – that is, if you can get yourself to look beyond the emotional side and get to examine the hard, cold points within the fail.

If you think about it, life is about learning about the environment, the social constructs, the philosophy of life, the arts, the science and most importantly, the faith and knowledge of God. We protest against coming into the world, and have to be encouraged to step foot into nursery on one end, and out of college on the other end. Beyond that, it is now up to us as individuals to keep an open mind and learn from the world about the rich diversity that surrounds us. It is a never-ending circle, and thank God for it.

Sometimes You Have to Be Lead By Hand

Sometimes You Have to Be Lead By Hand

So, when you are reviewing the year, please, keep in mind that it is part of acquiring knowledge and skills. It is about cementing talent, so that you can excel at what you do. Look at what you enjoy most, and get to ask yourself if it is in your best interest. No one will answer that one for you. And as I used to say years ago, do whatever you want so long as you are ready to live with the consequences. That is just a smart way to pass on the responsibility of the outcome of your actions to yourself. But bear in mind that the Good Lord is not like that at all. He has an open arm for all the poor souls that cannot take care of themselves and that includes all of us.

Well, so has it been from the beginning. The Good Lord made a garden, and asked man to tend it. And since this was before sin came into mankind, it means man was made to work. Work is not a punishment. It is something we all like doing. But after sin came, sweat was added to the equation. Now we not only have to work, but we grind while at it. That is the part that is not fun. You have to learn to put your shoulder to the wheel, so to speak. That is where God comes in. You need to be motivated, you need your smarts to improve the process, and you need to learn to harvest the outcome of your work. God works in the background to help us achieve all that. But here lies a limitation to what we can do.

It seems we cannot see very far, and despite having the best of plans, there can always be something that crops up that will upset our well-laid structured plans. That is simply because there are bigger things than us. Much, much bigger. We call that God’s Master Plan. Everything eventually works into this plan, and when we set out to do our plans, keep in mind that we need to factor in God’s will and plan in our lives.

This brings us to the title of the post. In order to activate God’s will and plan in your life, you need to engage God directly. And the best way is to find time to refresh your commitment to Him. Share your plans with Him. The very same tasks that you were going to accomplish on your own, just push them up to Heaven and commit them to God. Go ahead, it is really simple. Anyone can, and should do it.

Now, I have heard many times before that Christians are just a lazy bunch, wishing success to materialise from nowhere, without having to work for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of Christians that I have encountered, who are successful with earthly possessions are hardworking individuals. So you have no excuse not to start the coming year, with your well crafted plan committed to the Lord.

Having New Year resolutions is good, but renewing ourselves before the Lord is a much better approach. Wishing you a great and prosperous year, with heavenly blessings that know no bounds.

Till You Make It To the Top

Till You Make It To the Top


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