My First Run of 2018

Fuelled up by a deep desire to challenge the status quo of my physical fitness, I decided to go for a run last evening after knocking off from work. This was inspired in part by my interaction with Lt Boniface Banda over the weekend, who goes for daily runs and is fit as a fiddle. And it was also helped by the WhatsApp group which I have recently joined and is focused on having monthly hiking activities. The members of this group have an active lifestyle and go for daily runs as early as 4:30 am. When they post their pictures and the corresponding stats of the run you cannot help but get deeply motivated to try it as well.

Andrew Khoko (right) and myself at the end of our first run in 2018

Andrew Khoko (right) and myself at the end of our first run in 2018

I thought I could start with a bi-weekly run and see where it takes me. The trail of choice was the distance between my workplace at NITEL and my residence some 7 km away. This is the trail I have been using since last year for my weekly walks. I call it a warm-up walk since it takes around one hour 20 minutes on average to cover it comfortably. My best walk on this trail was probably 1 hour 10 minutes, or thereabout. At that pace it got me sweating. Anyway, I thought I could ,therefore, take advantage of the familiarity of the route and convert the walk into an initial run.

I asked my walking partner and work mate, Andrew Khoko, if he could join me in the inaugural run, and fortunately he was affirmative. There is something about running with a partner. It gives you the motivation to push a little bit more. So we warmed up by talking a little walk, then started our jog. Immediately, the body protested and wanted me to stop few metres from the starting line. I laughed, internally, and chose to ignore the body. 3 km later I heard a voice inside me telling me to stop. I looked the other way. “Stop!”, it said. I kept on running. “I know you can hear me. I said STOP!”. “No!” I answered back. “I have been listening to you for a long time. Today, I’ll do things my way.” Clearly, we were not on the same page.

About 4 km into the run, my partner had the same challenge. Unfortunately, he listened to his body, and stopped to take a brief walk. I do not like to leave others behind, however, this time I decided to be selfish. I kept on pushing. I enjoyed the fact that I could tell the body what to do, and not vice-versa. The negative talk came back towards the end of the jogging session. I felt suddenly tired, and the effort to keep on running was labourious. I thought about my present shape, and decided to continue with the jog. Soon it was 5 km, and thankfully, the end of my first jog for 2018. I hope to continue on this trajectory, and see what kind of results will emerge from this adventure.

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