Read It Again: I Change Not

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. It only has four chapters but contains a powerful end-time message. It closes off with a prophesy on the First Coming and the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It also prophesies about each coming being preceded by Elijah the prophet.

But today’s reflection is on the passage that is found in Chapter 3. God declares that He’s the Lord and He changes not. What does that mean? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Modern thinking says that if someone does not change, he or she would be regarded as being rigid, perhaps old-fashioned, unreasonable and so on and so forth.

In the case of our Lord, is that statement restricting or liberating? Well, let’s consider the following:

  • What if I presented a battery that changes not? It would run forever.
  • What if you packed food that never changes? It would never go bad. There would be no expiry date on it.
  • What if you had a bank account that changed not? It would never run out of funds.

Do you now get the idea?

So read again Malachi 3: 6.

And the God that changes not?

  1. He will always be All-Powerful (Omnipotent).
  2. He will always be All-Knowing (Omniscient).
  3. He will always be Ever-Present (Omnipresent).
  4. He will always be the Only Healer (Jehovah-Rapha).
  5. He will always be The Only Provider (Jehovah-Jireh).
  6. He will always be Our Peace (Jehovah-Shalom).
  7. He will always be Our Shepherd (Jehovah-Raah).
  8. He will always be Our Guide (The Holy Spirit).
  9. He will always be Our Teacher (The Holy Spirit).
  10. He will always be The Prophet (The Son of Man).
  11. He will always be The Way (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  12. He will always be The Truth (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  13. He will always be The Life (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  14. He will always be The Light of Men (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  15. He will always be The Lamb of God (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  16. He will always be The High Priest (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  17. He will always be The Author and Finisher of Our Faith (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  18. He will always be The Christ (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  19. He will always be The Eternal, Immortal, Invisible King (Our Lord Jesus Christ).
  20. He will always be The Creator (Our Lord Jesus Christ).

I could go on extolling His Wonderful Name. But you get the idea.

With all these great attributes, why should He ever change? This is our Assurance. This is our Comfort.

The fact that He changes not, it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. And being such a versatile Creator (just look around), He is not rigid at all. On the contrary, He is simply Amazing.

Now, that’s a God I can freely worship with all my heart, all my strength, and all soul!

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