Read It Again: I Change Not

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. It only has four chapters but contains a powerful end-time message. It closes off with a prophesy on the First Coming and the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. It also prophesies about each coming being preceded by Elijah the prophet. But today's reflection is … Continue reading Read It Again: I Change Not

First Taste of Snow in the UK in February 2002

One English Winter and My First Snowball

PREAMBLE The Winter Olympics are here where top athletes are competing in winter games. It's great to see Africa represented from several countries. I wish them well as we build experience and gain exposure. And it is my hope that one day the Malawian flag will fly on the podium. Why not? The sight of … Continue reading One English Winter and My First Snowball

National Bank of Malawi, City Centre Wellness Club Members on Dedza Mountain

My first Corporate Hiking Event with NBM City Centre Wellness Club

BACKGROUND Early last year (2017), I was approached by Mark Phanga of National Bank of Malawi to see if I could help with organising a hiking event for their City Centre Wellness Club. Mark was working as a senior manager within the Wholesale Banking Division, where he continues to work to this day. The City … Continue reading My first Corporate Hiking Event with NBM City Centre Wellness Club

My first international road trip

BOTSWANA 1989 opened a window of international adventure for me. My dad and I flew to Botswana and then drove back to Malawi through Zambia. We were hosted in Gaborone by our family friends, the Makwitis. At that time, Malawi's flag carrier was the now defunct Air Malawi. It had a BAC111 aircraft which handled … Continue reading My first international road trip

Chronicles of the Kilimanjaro Adventure: #6

This post is a continuation of the series on Kilimanjaro Mountain in August 2016. We are on day three on the Machame Route at Shira Cave Campsite. The previous day had finished with an acclimatization exercise. This is done by taking you to an elevation higher than your camp. You stay at this elevation for … Continue reading Chronicles of the Kilimanjaro Adventure: #6

I Gave Away My First Bike

I do not recall riding a bike when I was young. There could have been a tricycle affair when I was just a tot. These were fairly common in the neighborhood I grew up in. But pushing the two-wheeler eluded me as I grew up. There was a lot of physical games to keep us … Continue reading I Gave Away My First Bike

The Nest Whisperer – my mother

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my mother. My wife and children call her Nana, having stayed in the UK for a while, and having brought back that name with her. My mum has always been a humble person who likes working in the background. But she has been a powerful force to … Continue reading The Nest Whisperer – my mother

Read it again: Give us this day our daily bread

One of my favourite Scriptures in the Bible is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples. I have been told that perhaps there is no better prayer than this. It encompasses everything, it is on point, and being condensed, it is able to be expanded in any manner of possible variations. I … Continue reading Read it again: Give us this day our daily bread

Straights and Bends

In life, most times what we are looking for is out of reach. It could be that it takes time to develop but we do not have the patience to see it through. Sometimes, we may have the patience but we do not have the skills to accomplish it. But usually, we may just not … Continue reading Straights and Bends

Heavy and flat-footed third run

Yesterday's run was both interesting and very challenging. Last week was no action in terms of jogging because I had given myself a week to recover from the hiking adventure on Mulanje Mountain from 13 to 15 January. By Thursday, I could feel that my body was ready to hit the road, but I thought … Continue reading Heavy and flat-footed third run