Bunda Hill, A Convenience Stop

Last Easter, the just ended one, was a near perfect break, what with the plans to scale a number of hills within Malawi. On one extreme end I was toying with a plan to hike at least five hills within four days, and on the other end of the pendulum, there was a modest ambition … Continue reading Bunda Hill, A Convenience Stop


Of A Shredded Suit, A Croc and A Hippo

  Lake Malawi is the biggest and most famous lake in Malawi. It has two big islands - Likoma and Chizumulu. Those that have been to Likoma say it is an island paradise. Malawi is a slender wedge sandwiched by three giants - Tanzania to the North, Zambia to the West and Mozambique to the … Continue reading Of A Shredded Suit, A Croc and A Hippo

Busy or Not, a Mountain Has to Move

  Movement is relative. If I'm moving towards an object, it could very well be that the object is moving towards me. I need to get to a mountain or a mountain should come to me. Hehehe! A little bit of reflection here in a bid to justify the title. I'm yearning to reach some … Continue reading Busy or Not, a Mountain Has to Move

Be More Race – 79 Days to Go!

  The countdown for the Be More Race is in full swing. Already we are now down to 79 days, left. Have you started your preparations? The race is for the swift to win like that adage an early bird catches the worm. So if you haven't taken to the tracks yet, now is the … Continue reading Be More Race – 79 Days to Go!

Mr Shark, you really don’t go to sleep? Like ever?

As a young mind, nature provides a pavilion from which the insatiable curiosity can be quenched by facts, bizarre, queer, funny, shocking, grizzly, lovely and beautiful, all observed from the world around us. But one that has stood the test of time in my mind is that sharks never go to sleep. Could that be … Continue reading Mr Shark, you really don’t go to sleep? Like ever?

Read It Again: The Tree of Life

  One of the joys of hiking is getting to see all the amazing trees nature has to offer. For instance, on Mulanje Mountain you get to see Mulanje Cedar, a coniferous species endemic to this massif. When fully grown, the cedar has a wide girth it would take two teenagers to encircle it by … Continue reading Read It Again: The Tree of Life

Read It Again: Mount Transfiguration

  This natural world is amazing. When you see the photos of the natural wonders of the world, and if you are privileged to go and visit them, you get to know earth is an incredibly beautiful part of the universe. Yet despite all these splendid displays, there's a yearning for something more. Something better. … Continue reading Read It Again: Mount Transfiguration

Be More Race – 100 Days to Go!

Malawi's flagship road race is back!! Standard Bank's Be More Race returns in June in the city of its birth, Lilongwe. Finer details are still being worked on, but the most important news is the excitement of the second edition taking place in Malawi's Administrative Capital. Malawi is part of Africa's largest banking family by … Continue reading Be More Race – 100 Days to Go!

Read It Again: Heavenly Comfort

  Wouldn't it be nice if everything was smooth, and there was no single problem in our lives? I have often heard others say that life would be boring. I'm not sure I share similar sentiments. I do not like having problems. And I know a lot of people who do not like having any … Continue reading Read It Again: Heavenly Comfort

Book Review on Grit

First things first, I have an important disclaimer to share with the reader. I have been included in one chapter of the book to be reviewed, and I have also appeared in the acknowledgements. I had not make any prior arrangements with Daniel to review his book. However, upon reading it, I felt compelled to … Continue reading Book Review on Grit