Be Wise Therefore Innovate

Hardworking people do not have to change their ways, because regardless of how hard the task before them is, they will get it done. However, if you happen to be wise, you will always look for better ways to accomplish the same task with less effort, but hopefully with better results. You will look for leverage, automation, and efficiency.

If there was a hardworking hunter, he probably would not mind chasing an antelope for one week, catching the poor animal at the end of the world, and happily walk back home with the prize. On the other hand, a wise hunter might consider using a hunting tool like a spear, or better still setting up a trap, and bid his time for the animal to come his way. Of course, even much better the hunter might include a bait to hasten the process.

I enjoy hiking, but I am wary of anything that involves heavy lifting having suffered a nasty back injury due to carrying a heavy load for over 35 km. If you are going for a hike that will take days, well, the hardworking option is to park all you want for the road with you. You will probably look like a donkey on steroids, but well, you will get the job done. The smart way will be to get porters and a guide to accompany you, and let you worry about carrying 2 liters of water for each day while they pack only what you need.

Speaking of hardworking, do not put on heavy clothes when out hiking. Get a light gear that is water, dust and wind resistant. Do not carry what you do not require for the trip. Travel light, and travel smart. So instead of parking a 5 kVA generator for light and cooking, perhaps consider having a solar outfit, and perhaps a small gas cooker – that will be carried by the porters, of course.

And unless you are willing to bring along a whole troop of porters, consider going light on food too. You are going out for adventure and not to feed an entire continent. There’s a lot of food that is easy to pack, easy to prepare, easy to preserve for a long time and will give you all the essential nutrients required by the body. Do not have a hardworking appetite when out in the wild. A smart, light diet will do just fine.

Well, we all know there are no paved roads in the wild, but if you are in an area developed for tourism, consider utilising the trails that have been made for you. That is, instead of crashing through briers and brambles in the name of having an adventure. You will get the same amount of fun, have less scratches on you, and reach your goal in a much more efficient manner. Of course, the world is full of strange things, so if your theme is getting lost, and ignoring trails, by all means break into the uncharted bush with the best smarts you can muster.

On the last point, I have had a fare share of trying to establish new trails in the wild and getting lost in the process. But you see, in these cases, there’s a plan laid down. The intention is to discover something that I did not previously know, but once happy with my forays, I return to the beaten path and find my way home.

I would like to continue, but I’m feeling heavy already. So I’ll cut out the hard work and just innovate by introducing a conclusion and stop here for today. Therefore, the sum of the matter is that to venture out in the wild, consider travelling light, sticking to carrying only the essentials and take advantage of the facilities that have been laid down on your path. Be wise, be smart, go light.

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